Proven Providers of Community Association Insurance


Specialists Who Are Knowledgeable...

PCS is staffed with property specialists who are Knowledgeable about the unique exposures of waterfront condominium associations in Florida. Their expertise allows them to provide cost savings.

Paul - Board Member

Provided substantial savings...

PCS Insurance Group was able to provide a substantial savings with our current insurance carrier simply by restructuring a portion of our policy. Our deductible option was also improved at the same time.

Jim - Board President

Most cost effective insurance available...

We require an insurance agent that can provide us with outstanding service. It is for these reasons that we have chosen to partner with PCS Insurance Group for our insurance needs.

Jerry - Property Manager

Service that is promised...

I wanted to thank you for all of your help and the excellent service you have provided us this past year. Our Association has been able to save on our premiums because of their expertise.

Roberta - Property Manager

Competitive quotes for our insurance...

PCS Insurance has consistently provided us with the most competitive quotes for our insurance. PCS Insurance Group has proven to us that they are an advocate for the association.

Frank - Board President

Their service is excellent...

Their service is excellent and includes handling of claims for the association. PCS also provides individual attention to our unit owners when writing their HO-6 policies.

Mike - Board President

I highly recommend PCS Insurance Group...

I highly recommend PCS Insurance Group to any association that is looking for an agent who will provide a level of service and expertise that is second to none.

Lori - Property Manager

These seminars create substantial value...

The service team at PCS focuses not only on the association, but on the needs of the individual unit owners as they provide educational seminars on an annual basis.

Lois - Property Manager

PCS Insurance Group is staffed with professionals...

The service at PCS focuses not only on the association, but on the needs of the individual unit owners. The PCS Insurance Group team offers HO-6 policies to our owners along with helpful advice for insuring personal exposures.

Trish - Board Member
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